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MSN (stylized in all uppercase) is a web portal and related collection of Internet services and apps for Windows and mobile devices, provided by Microsoft and launched on August 24, 1995, the same release date as Windows 95.


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Former Employee - Executive Producer says

"I worked at MSN full-time for more than 8 years Cons: Terrible management. Medium and regional management are mediocre. They are relatively new, without the online and Content understanding, who hire also mediocre and very operative people. Also they promote a culture of not to question, and say "yes" to what a manager says."

Product Specialist says

"I have been working at MSN for less than a year Cons: - horrible management- there are people who are here for many years- the do not include new people into decisions process, information is being hidden from other colleges - get good CRM and force everyone to use it - a lot of information is being lost because people deal it on phone and tell nobody about it ... we all work with same people - if you manage to stay here for 10 years or more then it can be good for you otherwise don’t bother- noboy cares - some people are here soo long and they tend not to share all the information but wit colleagues on same level ... afraid to lose a position - no matter what position you are you will spend 80% of time on accounting and 20%(maybe) on something mindful—software they use is sooo old and obsolete but ok ... SAP will be here soon"

Former Employee - Editor says

"I worked at MSN full-time for more than a year Cons: A boys' club mentality, compromising on journalistic standards and poor treatment of staff generally."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I worked at MSN full-time Cons: Reorgs often had disastrous results. Lingering boy's club mentality. Journalistic standards took a nose dive in order to get the all-mighty clicks."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I worked at MSN full-time for more than 3 years Cons: Internally competitive, too many meetings, and shifting business priorities. They used to have decent work/life balance but then stopped letting people work from home."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I worked at MSN full-time Cons: Managers are good at keeping up a front, not communicative"

Current Employee - Editor says

"I have been working at MSN full-time for more than 3 years Cons: Management have no regard for employees' work life balance, you are most likely to work yourself into the ground for little or no reward."


"I have been working at MSN Cons: job nature , management hirarchy,movements long working hrs in fron of the pc"

Systems Engineer says

"I have been working at MSN Cons: Poor salary (no, only the top cream drive the gold plated ferraris) Draconian beurocracy Intellectual 'theft' where management take credit for wins Too much red tape"

Current Employee - IRA Specialist says

"I have been working at MSN full-time Cons: Omg this is ridiculous I just want to read a review"

CNA - Certified Nursing Assistant (Former Employee) says

"I was canceled at least 3 days a week and sent home early often! I was told by recruiters I was in overtime at 24 hrs and not allowed to pick up any shifts for the rest of the week! I was also sent home several times because the nursing home was "over staffed ". I was told it had to be me because there were 2 CNA's that rode to work together! I was canceled several times just to find out the next day I was replaced for one or both of the same CNA's who rode together! This company does not play fair! Catrina in the Decatur, IL office plays favoritism! Cons: None"

Certified Nursing Assistant (Former Employee) says

"This company is horrible. They don't care about their employees. Never have any work. The work they do have they give it to their Spanish friends. If you ever have a problem at work place they don't stick up for you. Horrible company Cons: Horrible staff. 2 sorry to go find contracts."

Bha (Former Employee) says

"Horrible company and even more horrible recruiters every last one of them are trash and should not be allowed to work with humans. I highly do not recommend it for anyone Cons: Everything about them"

Day Porter (Current Employee) says

"Almost 2 weeks now working here and the job they had originally hired me for is no longer available but they have me training to be a day porter still. Management is bad, they dont know what they want me to do yet as a job."

STNA (State Tested Nursing Assistant) says

"Treated very unfairly.never have been paid back last year in may i think and have addressed it with lauren manager many.she was supposed to take care of it and corporates payroll many times left message on several issues with clinical director and emails with lauren office manager in oh.never been paid yet and hope not taxed on these hours i will alert taxes on this w2"

LVN Nurse (Former Employee) says

"There was either more shifts available than nurses or none. Contracts were sparse and in locations that were very far away. Mileage compensation was non-existent. Also, payroll was inconsistent and always were making mistakes or not paying for shifts at all."

LPN (Current Employee) says

"Staff shifts at various nursing homes in the area. Daily pay takes several days to post to bank account. The office staff calls to offer shifts they know you don't work. For example I never work 7-3 but they call to offer these shifts most often."

RN (Former Employee) says

"Not well organized but good for a person who can only work as needed. Hardest part was working on floors that were understaffed. Most enjoyable part was working with patients."

Broward County School Board (Former Employee) says

"I worked about 2 school terms in this environment and while I enjoyed the students at the school. The politics of the job was poor. You are asked to do work unrelated to your position. The school board employees use the clinic to house poor behaved students. The clinic was basically a daycare on most days."

lpn (Former Employee) says

"traveling to a new location and learning their rules. Meeting new people and taking care of different conditions of your patients. Learning the care for all the different conditions. Cons: not knowing people the people you work with"

Ray says

"MSN sight on the internet sucks. Marxist assclowns!"

michael mulder says

"MSN = the real virus...... All lies spread through people with a left wing view of the world, not based on facts but propaganda to further their agenda. Not worth even a 1 star..........."

kal says

"MSn news is 100% biases. The articles posted are solely to promote panic, hysteria, anger, and division. Words are twisted, headlines are sensationalized to be truth such as the Covington kids, and the constant bombardment of anti conservative pieces vilifies anyone that is not liberal. This website pushes phantasy and hysteria."

Jerry says

"The article by Wendy Weiser and Daniel Weiner "The Supreme Court’s “Breathtakingly Radical” New Approach to Election Law" ignores the facts. There is no way these individuals read the courts decisions. The court was very clear, the U.S. Constitution givers the state legislatures sole control over the election laws not the judges. While the rulings may seem to be contradictory if you just read the result, SCOTUS consistently ruled that judges cannot legislate new election law, especially, at the 11th hour where it might confuse the election. When the legislature decided to extent the receipt of mail in ballots, SCOTUS let it stand. When a court decided to do it, SCOTUS struck it down. SCOTUS lets a judges ruling partially stand in a number of cases to prevent confusion caused by the judges rulings. In multiple states, judges extended the voter registration deadline. SCOTUS decided that it was beyond the judges authority and cut the voter registration down to what had already been done. So in other words, they let those that had registered during the extended registration time vote to avoid confusion. In all cases, SCOTUS acted to protect and follow the U.S. Constitution which is their job. Wendy and Daniel, you might try doing a little research before writing articles. In this case, reading SCOTUS's rulings would have been a good start."

Brian Hewkin says

"MSN is not the teller of truth, uses only leftwing propaganda articles and has stopped comments on the articles. It is just lefty brainwashing."

Anon.Anon. Anon. says

"What an amazing coincidence, right in the middle of the biggest lie ever to be forced on the entire population of planet Earth, unapologetically biased MSN news conveniently stops comments on all news stories. It wouldn't be to prevent showing that people who don't get all their information from the mainstream media, see through this Coronavirus lie. Would it?"

Deborah Taylor says

"I am an 'essential key worker' that regularly checks in on MSN - I loved the option of leaving my comments about news stories. Especially on the 'reality stars' that feel they are hard done by. Call it my mental health therapy. What I hate is that I can no longer comment on the news feeds. I could understand if I was 'abusive' but I only post safe comments. I would love to hear from MSN - a straight answer - as to when this option of freedom of speech will be given back to the public."

H says

"MSN removed the customize page option. Why remove an option everyone used? Greed! Site getting less customer based on every update. Sad, start focusing on your customers not your unprofessional greed! CHANGE LANGUAGE & CONTENT: Switch to Latino (Español) Feedback Help"

Disgusted with MSN says

""7 manscaping tips your balls will thank you for" is a headline for you????? I don't want to see that on my news feed! It's disgusting! Get this garbage off the headlines!!"

Black Cat says

"Only shares WOKE lefty nonsense articles (think The Guardian) which are then often pulled to bits by 'normal' people in the comments section. So what does MSN do? Disables the comments section!!!"

Mr Anthony Roberts says

"This is Bills idea of democracy. It's a bit like what Henry Ford did, 'You can have any colour you want as long as it is black'."

Mick Spastik says

"I hate the way this site is forced on you. You pay for your computer, you should be free to select which pages you can use without this bigoted website being the first thing you see when you access the net."

Richard says

"I think its bad that MSN should just stop the Conversation link without telling anyone. This isn't the first time. The sad thing is that they are directing people to keep an eye on the MSN Blog for when the new idea for commenting is coming....BUT that's rubbish there is no mention of a new commenting link at all. Why don't they just come clean & say "We're not doing it any more...its no big deal there are other great conversation sites to utilise!"

Morten Dahl says

"MSN News allows adds that has been proven to be fraud"

Fedup says

"Today news is that two Los Angeles County sheriff deputies were ambushed And are in critical condition. Antifa and BLM terrorist are demonstrating outside of the Hospital where the deputies are at shouting “We hope you fuming die.” Although the MSN website has many anti-Trump stories from NYT, WAPO and CNN there is abosolutely no mention of the ambush and rioters. MSN website is a POS."

Perry says

"I just deleted MSN news from my computer... Just can't take the disgustingly biased left wing disrespectful news. And they tell you how to "write a review" ... Go away MSN..... I will pay attention to who advertises with them ... and stay away from their products or services. I'm just a little flea."

Anthony Davie says

"Totally biased news....What we want is the news, not MSN's left wing view of the news."

daphne pudenz says

"You see nothing but biased reports and articles that lean to the left. Not worth reading. We don't want opinions. We want facts and are not being reported fairly. I have moved on sites that are professional in their reporting."

K says

"MSN will delete everything and anything when it suits them even when it is factual or non offensive! what is the point of having a discussion when Mr Gates moderators can just remove it at a whim?"

Kevin Burrow says

"I wish I could give zero stars. Used to be good but now zealot moderators routinely delete conservative viewpoints. Case in point, I was having a debate with someone just now about racidsm against black people on social media. Someone asked if condemned this. So I said I condemn all racism THIS POST GOT DELETED WITHIN 20 SECONDS. Just one of counltess examples of completely unacceptable moderating. I wonder how many conservative or even 'normal' viewpoints such as this get deleted without the people ever knowing. I always hang around for a minute after I post now because many of them get deleted that quickly."

andyb-doc says

"MSN news moderators will not allow me to post anymore, don't know why but 100% of any post I try to put up gets deleted instantly. It also appears that these guys are 100% untouchable and you cannot make a complaint about them. So all I can say is that MSN is the absolute pits and worse site for news on the planet." is a non-profit organization and communications forum for social activism. This website allows users a voice to share their point of view online about what sucks in the world.

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